Eagle 1 Resources is your advocate for promoting change within the existing regulations.

Eagle 1 Resources is a strategic planning company which provides consultant and management services to the utility industry. We apply new ideas to existing problems and promote change within the existing regulations.
Stategic Planning
Subsurface Engineering
Based on the U. S. Department of Transportation Web site, Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) is an engineering process for accurately identifying the quality of subsurface utility information needed for highway plans, and for acquiring and managing that level of information during the development of a highway project. We promote SUE practices in the government sector for the utility industry and assist in the area of data collection / liaison services for the utility owners. SUE can save a utility company, on average, $4.62 for every $1.00 invested in this program. Click on the SUE tab above to learn more.
We investigate the removal of rail road permitting fees and stopping annual railroad lease agreements. Rail road permitting fees and annual rental agreements continue to increase. Eagle 1 Resources can help your company determine if these rental agreements and permitting fees are applicable. See the rail road issues tab for assistance.
Railroad Permit
Uncased Steel Pipeline
We have developed an international standard for Plastic ENCASEMENT for roadway crossings. This standard will increase public safety and reduce casing installation expenses for the utility industry by up to 70% vs. standard steel installations. See the New Developments tab for additional info.
We have developed an Uncased Steel Pipeline Crossing Standard for the natural gas industry. This standard is presently being promoted in Alabama and has received very favorable reviews by the government sector. Contact us for additional information on this subject. Review our past success stories under the New Developments tab.
Uncased Steel Pipe
Investor Prospectus The Plastic Encasement Trust (PET) LLC was created for the purpose of providing investors the opportunity to help redefining the way utility roadway crossings are installed and working with the federal government to develop cost saving initiatives. Membership shares are available to investors who are interested in supporting this effort. To obtain a full prospectus about investing in the Plastic Encasement Trust, LLC, please contact our office.