Based on previous railroad crossing investigations, if you are making annual railroad right-of-way lease payments or paying fees for crossing railroad rights-of-way at public highway crossings, you are probably wasting your money!

rr crossingA railroad right of way does not necessarily or always give the railroads ownership of the land. Based on review by our attorneys, in many cases, a right of way may be merely an easement in the lands of others obtained by condemnation for public use, or by purchase, depending on the recorded document and applicable state law. Please understand that if the railroad does not own the property, the railroads may not own the rights to annual lease agreements and/or annual rental payments.

Eagle 1 Resources presently has over twenty (20) years of research on railroad property use issues and assist with the removal of annual crossing rental fees and/or encroachment fees. We have worked in the utility industry for the past 35 years and now our office works nationwide for utilities / municipalities in investigating and removing railroad crossing fees / annual railroad lease agreements / railroad permitting fees for water, sewer, natural gas, electrical, and/or telecommunication crossings.

Some of the areas we address include:

  1. Public Rail-Highway Grade Crossings
  2. Private Railroad Crossings not at Highway / Street Intersections
  3. Right of Entry Permits
  4. Flagging Requirements
  5. Line Location of Railroad Communication and/or Safety Equipment

If you have existing railroad lease agreements / fees and would like to investigate ending these fees, please contact our office. We can help you

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