strategic planning utility consultant groupEagle 1 Resources LLC, (E1R) a strategic planning utility consultant group, was started in April of 2004. This company was founded on the premise that with proper advance planning, utility companies would be able to reduce their non-revenue producing expenses and address cost increases associated with non-revenue producing expenses.

E1R also works with municipalities to coordinate project installations to allow the utilities to plan better and schedule their work in a timely manner while reducing costs. This has been highly successful in allowing the E1R client base to reduce their project expenses and increase a spirit of cooperation with the municipalities. During the last five (5) years, E1R has documented savings of over $1,000,000.00 for their expanding client base. One specific client realized a $300,000.00 savings by investing $18,000.00 with our team to investigate and initialize a cost savings initiative. E1R worked with the local governmental agency to allow the installation of a new procedure that reduced costs for the utility while increasing safety for the traveling public. A return of over $16 dollars per dollar invested was realized by the utility client. E1R has developed a base of contacts across the continental United States to promote and develop a spirit of cooperation for the utility industry.*


a strategic planning utility consultant groupRailroad issues are a growing concern for the utility industry. Eagle 1 Resources has worked with previous clients to investigate and determine the actual interests of various parties in the property presently being utilized by the railroads. This research has extended back to the mid 1800’s during the growth of the railroad community and the government land grants provided to the railroads during this expansion era. Eagle 1 Resources presently has over twenty (20) years of research on railroad property use issues and assist with the removal of annual crossing rental fees and/or encroachment fees. We have developed an information packet with a step by step procedure to investigate and determine the actual interests of various parties in the railroad right of way. This information packet also includes support documentation to address the removal of the existing railroad crossing fees.

David L. Thomas is the Managing Member and majority owner of the business. Dave has thirty five (35) years of experience in the utility industry and has successfully completed many multi-million dollar projects for the Natural Gas Industry. He is the primary contact with the governmental sector and has been highly successful in developing a contact base in the governmental / utility workforce. Dave has also cultivated contacts with several other industries, including telecommunications, power, water, and cable industry. A copy of his resume and professional references are available upon request.

Eagle 1 Resources, LLC is not an engineering firm. However, working agreements are in place with several engineering consultant groups to supplement the required work force as needed. Our team has been highly successful in executing projects on a timely basis and reducing client expenses while increasing our client base.


*The examples listed are not a guarantee of the results for your research project. Each project has its own unique set of variables.

Nothing ever comes to one, that is worth having, except as a result of hard work.

Booker T. Washington